What is a SLOlio?

Important News From SLOlio:

Friends, our next SLOlio event on November 20, 2019 will be our 100th event, and our last. Approximately 1,000 stories have been told on stage at Linnaea’s Cafe (the best cafe in San Luis Obispo), and now it’s time to explore new horizons. Thank you to all who have come to share and listen.

o·li·o (‘ōlēō) n.

a. A mixture or medley; a hodgepodge.
b. A collection of various artistic or literary works or musical pieces; a miscellany.

SLOlio is a gathering, a collection, an “olio” of true stories and story-loving people. Each of these free, monthly storytelling events are held at Linnaea’s Cafe in San Luis Obispo (the “SLO” in SLOlio), California.

Here’s how it works:

Think of it as kind of a “story slam”. At least one month prior to each event, a theme for that night’s stories is announced, and anyone is welcome to prepare and present an 8 to 10 minute story based on that theme and what it may evoke. Two rules apply: all the stories must be true, and all the stories must be told without notes in true storytelling fashion.

Inspired by The Moth organization, SLOlio gives the opportunity for people from all walks of life to share and listen to stories that not only entertain, but also promote deeper connections and understandings among ourselves and our community. We come together to celebrate good stories, well told by both seasoned storytellers and those who may not have as much experience, but who have the passion and desire to share their stories.

Upcoming events and themes can be found on the Upcoming page. And be sure and check our recordings of stories from past events on our Recordings page. If you would like some help on choosing and presenting a story, our Storytelling Tips page may be of some help.